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The construction industry is currently facing a severe shortage of skilled professionals able to implement investment projects efficiently. Financial, technical, technological, legal risks and risks associated with the construction of industrial and infrastructure facilities, residential and public buildings are increasing.

NEO Centre is a team of top-notch experts in obtaining initial permits, design, construction supervision, estimated pricing. We contribute to efficient implementation of investment projects acting as a technical client and an independent engineer.

Engaging NEO Centre to perform independent construction expert examination, financial and technical supervision throughout the project enables an investor to obtain an unbiased and relevant information, assess risks, adjust investment budget of a company.

  • Expert review and risk analysis of investment projects
  • Arrangement of design and survey works, improvement of design solutions
  • Development of cost estimating documents and pricing methods
  • Estimation of construction budgets, time schedules and activity charts
  • Financial and technical supervision, construction audit
  • Management of construction projects
  • Financial supervision and construction compliance monitoring: quality, scope, cost and timing
  • Geodetic and laboratory control and support
  • Expert examinations, inspections and testing of structures
  • Conformance assessment and commissioning of facilities
  • Technological and price audit



  • We performed detailed engineering expertise of more than 100 key construction projects in Russia with the overall budget OVER RUR 500 BLN

  • We performed financial and technical supervision of OVER 500 construction sites

  • NEO Centre developed OVER 100 recommendations for improving process design solutions  

  • We supervised OVER 500 key investment projects in various sectors, including those based on PPP principles

  • We reviewed and valued operational and financial activities of OVER 1,000 Russian companies

  • OVER RUR 100 BLN was allocated to implement business plans and engineering expertise prepared by our company

  • We restructured and minimized OVER 200 troubled assets companies

  • We performed due diligence of OVER 250 companies

  • We performed transaction support totaling OVER RUR 100 BLN

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