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A key factor of sustainable development of any company is the ability to think strategically given a great number of conditions and trends which may be faced in the long-term. Global economic changes, new market conditions, customer behavior shifts, and in-company financial problems may encourage to look for an effective business strategy.

NEO Centre Consulting Group has a considerable experience in developing strategic solutions and provides an integrated support for this area: 

  • Strategic analysis of external and internal environment
  • Rationale for strategic selection of companies
  • Preparation of long-term financial models
  • Formation of a product concept and a value proposition
  • Development of client profiles and targeted product portfolios
  • Development of portfolios of strategic development programs / functional strategies and IT development plans
  • Formation of personal prospects and KPIs of key managers



  • We performed detailed engineering expertise of more than 100 key construction projects in Russia with the overall budget OVER RUR 500 BLN

  • We performed financial and technical supervision of OVER 500 construction sites

  • NEO Centre developed OVER 100 recommendations for improving process design solutions  

  • We supervised OVER 500 key investment projects in various sectors, including those based on PPP principles

  • We reviewed and valued operational and financial activities of OVER 1,000 Russian companies

  • OVER RUR 100 BLN was allocated to implement business plans and engineering expertise prepared by our company 

  • We restructured and minimized OVER 200 troubled assets companies

  • We performed due diligence of OVER 250 companies

  • We performed transaction support totaling OVER RUR 100 BLN

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