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Valuation services as well as cost, strategic, management and legal advisory and consulting enable an integrated approach to business efficiency improvement, capitalization growth and quality of financial information. NEO Centre assists its clients in evaluating the current financial position in due time to make the most viable decisions under the circumstances.

  • Agro-industry (AIC) is an important strategic state development direction.
  • Development of the banking industry and financial system is the most important factor of the national economy and separate market segments. Therefore, today working experience with major financial institutions, clear understanding of all processes associated with financing and business development are of extreme importance.
  • One of the major obstacles holding down industry growth is the obsolete infrastructure.
  • Production sector is one of the economic engines constantly requiring innovations, introduction of new cutting edge technologies and search for resources.
  • Today, the growth of a real estate market is possible only if the current approaches to development are revised and the new development strategies based on objective and realistic assessment.
  • State Government Bodies

    State administration is being at the effective development and upgrading stage. Providing services in the field of PPP projects, public technology and price audit (PTPA), fund raising, we are promoting reforms, innovation, social and economic policies.